The surroundings

Masseria Parco d’Albero is situates in a strategic position to visit the province of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, so rich in culture, history, art and traditions.

Leaving from our trull by car, you can get to the following localities:

Distance from
Parco d’Albero
11 km Alberobello
the Capital of the trulli.
20 km The “Valle d’Itria”
so famous for its gastronomy and wines, and for its folk-lore initiatives.
20 km Gioia del Colle
a medieval town of great importance for its Castello Federiciano ( a castle).
4 km Noci
a famous town, visited for its restaurants and its renowned cooking.
5 km Santa Maria di Barsento
a place of great historical , artistic, archeological and naturalistic interest. Famous for the 7th century Church.
40 km Ostuni
a tourist destination, called also white city for its white down town.
30 km Polignano a Mare

a splendid resort for its beautiful sea and its high cliffs, where the international plunge competition is set.
50 km Matera
famous for its sassi (an Unesco heritage from 1993), it is characterized for a mixture of culture and fun
30 km The Zoo Safari in Fasano
the biggest zoo of Italy, it has been realized in 1973.
7 km Putignano
famous for its carnival, dated back to the end of the 14th century.
15 km The Grottes of Castellana
the best known speleologic area in the whole of Italy, that extend for well 3km.
ca 70 km Trani
two towns famous for the Romanesque art.
40 km Taranto
well-knowned for its Ponte girevole (a bridge) and The Marta (the National archeological museum).
150 km Lecce
the capital of the Barocco art in Apulia.
30 km Monopoli
a charming town with its port and coves.
50 km Torre Guaceto
a naturalistic park in province of Brindisi.

40 km The Torre Canne SPA
50 km Molfetta
famous for Miragica (a fun park).